Pratique seu inglês com 5 tendências de R&S para 2019

Se você é responsável pelo Recrutamento & Seleção da sua empresa, deve prestar atenção às tendências esperadas para 2019 nesse segmento. A tecnologia vai se tornar ainda mais presente nos processos seletivos, assim como a análise de dados será essencial para qualquer profissional de R&S.

Para praticar o seu inglês, veja abaixo 5 tendências que são esperadas para este ano. Mas vamos colocar um desafio para praticar ainda mais? Você verá que em cada tópico algumas palavras foram removidas do texto – leia as definições e tente encaixá-las nos lugares corretos. Good luck!


1. Artificial Intelligence’s focus will shift to the front end of the recruiting process

Basically, smart recruiters will find ways to use AI to help them do what AI does best: (1) _____ the early stages of the recruitment process, (2) _____ talent into the funnel, and then narrowing that funnel.

make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods

show or guide (someone) somewhere


2. Video will become even more important to recruitment

From employer (3) _____ videos that show candidates the values, culture and work life at a particular firm, to video interviews, companies are (4) _____ video to build stronger relationships with candidates in 2019.

use (something) to maximum advantage

the promotion of a particular product or company


3. Recruitment technology will become increasingly focused on integration

Without a strong plan for integration, recruiters will continue to spend too much time managing separate technologies (5) _____ (6) _____ with clients and candidates.

establish a relationship or link with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences

Rather than
instead of; as opposed to


4. Hiring for potential becomes the new mantra

Given 2019’s continued war for talent, particularly for high-skilled workers, more recruiters and their clients will (7) _____ that the “perfect” candidate is ultimately too (8) _____. (9) _____ the search for that unicorn — which, after all, is a mythical beast — can prove liberating, and may pave the way for more (10) _____ recruitment results. It can mean considering a candidate with just five of 10 “must-haves” if the candidate has a proven ability to learn and grow.

consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted

difficult to find, catch, or achieve

accept or admit the existence or truth of

Giving up
cease making an effort; admit defeat


5. Better analysis of recruitment data will drive better outcomes

As you probably are well (11) _____, data and analytics have become fundamental to every successful recruitment strategy, from helping to target the most qualified candidates, to (12) _____ efficiency of recruitment dollars.

cause (something abstract) to happen or develop

having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact



1. streamline
2. ushering
3. branding
4. leveraging
5. rather than
6. bonding
7. acknowledge
8. elusive
9. Giving up
10. reliable
11. aware
12. driving





Escrito por Michel Rosas e publicado na coluna semanal de inglês da Revista Exame. Editado para o blog da Companhia de Idiomas.


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