Lições de vida com Dalai Lama, em inglês

“No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

Quem é Dalai Lama?

Dalai Lama completou 85 anos no último dia 06 de julho. Continua exilado na Índia desde 1959, após uma rebelião frustrada contra o regime chinês, em sua luta pela independência de seu país, o Tibet.  Dalai Lama hoje defende maior autonomia para seu país, ao invés da independência, como uma forma de conseguir um acordo pacífico – ou o caminho do meio, que tanto prega. No entanto, Pequim ainda o considera um inimigo e o acusa de continuar lutando pela independência. 

Hoje vamos ver – em inglês – algumas de suas ideias. 

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Leaders should be (mindfull, mindful) , (selfless, selfles) , and (compassion/compassionate). Fear and anxiety (easily/easilly)  give way to anger and violence. The opposite of fear is trust, which boosts our self-confidence. Compassion also reduces fear. This, not money and power, is what really attracts friends. 

Stress and Depression

If there is a solution or a way out of the difficulty, you do not need to be overwhelmed by it. The appropriate action is to seek its solution. Then it is (clearly/ clear)  more (sensible/sensibly)  to spend your energy focusing on the solution rather than worrying about the problem. Alternatively, if there is no solution, no possibility of resolution, then there is also no point in being (worry/worried) about it, because you cannot do anything about it anyway. In that case, the sooner you accept this fact, the (easily/easier) it will be for you.

Protection of the Environment

At this time it is (extremely/extreme)  important that every human being, according to his or her ability, (consistent/consistently) puts effort into ensuring the conservation and protection of this planet’s environment and its inhabitants.

The Source of Happiness

When negative emotion develops, we can’t see reality. When we need to make a decision and the mind is dominated by (anger/angry), we will make the wrong decision. No one wants to make a wrong decision, but at that moment, the part of our intelligence and brain that functions to differentiate right from wrong and make the best decision, this part works very (poorly/poor).



Leaders should be mindful, selfless, and compassionate. 

Fear and anxiety easily give way to anger and violence

Stress and Depression

Then it is clearly more sensible to spend your energy (…) 

(…) no point in being worried about it (…) 

(…) In that case, the sooner you accept this fact, the easier it will be for you.

Protection of the Environment

(…) it is extremely important that every human being (…) consistently puts effort  (…) 

The Source of Happiness

(…) and the mind is dominated by anger, we will make the wrong decision. 

(…) this part works very poorly


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