Consegue identificar estas oito séries?


Se você lê semanalmente esta coluna, já sabe como estudar inglês com séries e filmes para melhorar sua compreensão auditiva.

Não importa a habilidade que queira desenvolver, é necessário colocar atenção e intenção. E para ficar até mais divertido, estabeleça pequenos desafios pra você mesmo.

Por exemplo:

  •  Aprender x palavras novas no episódio x da série y (anotando em um bloco de notas ou caderno o que for aprendendo)
  • Ler sobre a série e sobre os atores, em inglês
  • Combinar de falar sobre a série – em inglês – com alguém que também está assistindo, ou já assistiu.

É muito bom quando esses pequenos desafios estão alinhados com a habilidade que você mais precisa desenvolver no momento. Nos exemplos acima: vocabulário, compreensão escrita e comunicação oral, respectivamente.

E pra animar você a usar as séries de diversas formas para aprender, coloquei aqui algumas descrições resumidas de algumas bem famosas em 2022, retiradas da lista da Esquire:


Somebody Somewhere

The Dropout


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds






Leia as descrições abaixo e tente adivinhar a qual dessas séries da lista cada descrição se refere.

Mesmo que não entenda todas as palavras, não tem problema. O objetivo é que a compreensão geral aconteça mesmo assim.


  1. The sci-fi series about the afterlife is still as fresh and inventive as it was in Season One. The new batch of episodes don’t spare any comedy but manages to weave in a story about wealth disparity and how it continues to affect the people of their universe, even after their departures.  


  1. If you’re not a fan, have no fear: there’s no learning curve here, and there’s a lot to love for any science fiction fan. Uplifting, exhilarating, and gloriously retro, it is a character-driven series where each episode pairs a top notch sociocultural story with some good, clean, spacefaring fun.


  1. The second outing was different from the first: the enemies to lovers romance meant less steamy sex and more slow burning chemistry, but it was still hot as hell. The series also found new emotional depths in its romantic leads, who are drawn together as much by attraction as by shared burdens of grief, duty, and sacrifice. We can hardly wait for Season Three.


  1. It is the first semi-fictionalized venture depicting the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, the notorious scammer who convinced a whole slew of high profile investors to bet on her “innovative” medical company. Only issue, of course, is that the company that purported to be able to take a drop of blood and run diagnostic tests… couldn’t actually do that. 


  1. If there’s a show that’s perfectly nailed the surreal vibes of 2022, that’s the one.  Following an office where your work memories are separated from your personal memories upon arrival and dismissal—sounds like perfect corporate strategy, right?—the show explores the many ways in which we split ourselves in half, especially the parts that refuse to stay put.


  1. It’s less like watching a story and more like watching an experience. Bridgett Everett shines as a woman who is trying to find grace and acceptance amid a ton of grief and sadness. Raw and unfiltered, the series is part comedy, part drama, and entirely too realistic for anyone who has ever had dreams of leaving their hometown. 


  1. After a long hiatus, its glorious, if not extremely stressful, return is proof that the series is not a one season wonder. Picking up after Rue’s Season One relapse, the series from Sam Levinson has moved at a breakneck pace, with Sydney Sweeney giving a particularly notable performance. 


  1. Now on its fourth batch of episodes, the series starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and the incomparable Julia Garner, has continued to reinvent itself and offer some of the best television on any platform.





  1. Upload
  2. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
  3. Bridgerton
  4. The Dropout
  5. Severance
  6. Somebody Somewhere
  7. Euphoria
  8. Ozark






Escrito por Rose Souza para a revista Exame.com



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