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Portuguese for foreigners

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Are you considering studying Portuguese and, even more, you want a course that is designed with and for you? You’ve just found it! Here at Companhia de Idiomas we know how it is that the course is personalized according to the needs of each student – there are the ones who need Portuguese for traveling, for taking part in meetings and making presentations, or to participate in a professional or academic selective process.

There are students who need a bigger focus on conversation, the ones who have difficulties in understanding a foreigner speaking and the ones who need a bit more grammar.


Do not worry: regardless of your need, here at Companhia de Idiomas you will study Portuguese with a course designed specifically for you.

Different ways

For you to study

Take regular distant classes with a teacher. You schedule date and time, connect and study from anywhere you are.

Don’t worry about traffic – our teachers go to your workplace. You just have to schedule a weekly appointment and our teachers will be there with you.


“Destrava” is your conversation club, to study Portuguese in quick sessions and talking with cool people.


“Together” is a regular Portuguese course, in a group, for you (or your team) to study by paying little.

Why choosing

companhia de idiomas?

We understand that franchises and big groups need to standardize their courses in order to expand, but here at Companhia de Idiomas we like to keep a close relationship with each of our students. That’s why, besides an initial interview to define all the characteristics of your course, you will have an exclusive pedagogical coordinator to follow you during your program.


Think of your coordinator as your “success manager” on WhatsApp: they will help you achieve the best results, with tips, orientations and study content, and every time you need to change your teacher, time of the classes or make any adjustment to your course, you just have to send a message.

Meet our


Bruno Braga

English teacher for over 15 years with CELTA certification by Cardiff and Vale College (United Kingdom), and post graduation in Business Management. He is also a musician, and in his free time he likes to suffer because of soccer.

Janaína Campanha

Graduated in Managerial Processes, post graduation in Strategic Business Management. She has worked at Companhia de Idiomas since 2001 and, today, she is responsible for General Management. She likes carnival, soccer, Disney universe, and traveling.

Michelle Marques

Students’ and teachers’ advisor in the teaching-learning process. She loves History, old movies and series and all the pets in the world. Inspiration and transpiration through music.

Priscila Pena

Psychologist for 4 years, post-graduate in Neuropsychology. She has been pedagogical coordinator at Companhia de Idiomas for 2 years. She loves writing tales, listening to MPB music and studying about the human brain.

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companies have in common?

Each company below has employees who have been trained by Companhia de Idiomas (if you wish to see the complete list of our clients, click here).

some frequently asked questions

The course wouldn’t be your thing if you had to stick to a pre-defined schedule, don’t you think? Here at Companhia de Idiomas you are the one who says the best day and time to study, and we select a teacher from our team to assist you.
We use the “inverted class” model, in which you prepare in advance by watching videos, reading texts and interacting with the content of your course, so that during the class the focus is on oral communication. During the lesson, the teacher will encourage discussions so that you can express yourself and practice what you have learned during the week. This way you also develop the necessary confidence to speak Portuguese. And don’t worry about making mistakes: we have our own correction method, called VPG, which stimulates the student’s speech while pointing out exactly what needs to be improved.

It depends on how long you want to study per week. You choose whether to hire 1 hour a week or more, and the amount varies according to the number of hours selected. Each modality also has a different price: “Na Tela” follows the model of a regular course, in which you study together with the distance teacher, and “Presencial” is a little more expensive, because the teacher comes to you and the classes last a minimum of 90 minutes. Click the button below to find out how much the course would cost.

Do you need Portuguese lessons for your company employees?

We have special conditions for HR!

Companhia de Idiomas has helped hundreds of HRs in different companies (click here to see the list in our clients page). We know that the HR needs to make the right decisions that will fit the company’s budget, that’s why we think of special solutions for you. Click the button below for more information.