Candidate Assessment in Selection Processes and Trainee Programs

SIf your company needs to hire, replace or promote a professional and need to define his or her language level in a foreign language accurately, Companhia de Idiomas has the solution.

Many are the companies that offer trainee programs, which attract between 20,000 to 60,000 candidates for about 20 to 30 positions. Companhia de Idiomas relies on an excellent staff to deal with several consecutive processes.

Devising Exclusive Writing Tests

We devise exclusive written tests in English, Spanish, Portuguese, general knowledge, logical reasoning, among others. You define the number of questions, the format, what kinds of questions to ask and the degree of difficulty. We deliver them with answer keys and feedback.

Proficiency Tests

We apply written and oral tests, in order to certify candidates' knowledge and language skills or to prepare a detailed diagnosis with an action plan. Thus, you get to know exactly your strengths and points that you need to improve in your communication.

Assistance to Expatriates

Companhia de Idiomas offers its customers a specialized service of assistance to foreign executives and their families, on a temporary or permanent residence in Brazil. Among the services offered are:

Portuguese classes for the executive and his or her family
Recommendation and / or accompanying to shopping places in general
Accompanying Families on city tours
Tips about Brazilian culture - Cross-cultural
Consulting in choosing schools for their children, extra courses etc.

This service can take place in the city of São Paulo, or anywhere in the country. We have a team of Portuguese teachers specialized in serving foreign executives and their families.

Policy on Languages

When Human Resources wants to rely on the support of a company specialized in the teaching of foreign languages to structure its policy on languages, you can count on us.

Companhia de Idiomas conducts language consultancy in São Paulo, at the business units throughout Brazil and even in other countries:

grafico politica idiomas

Due to the growing need for communication between companies from all countries and the demand for skilled professionals, companies invest more and more in internal training programs. In addition to technical training, graduation, and MBA courses, one of the priorities has been language-teaching programs, mainly English and Spanish.

For mastering foreign languages, it is necessary to implement a Policy on Languages, which requires a lot of planning and organization.

Our experience of over 20 years offering in-company language courses enables us to help HR to think of all the aspects to take into consideration in a Policy on Languages and to study the best practices in the market. Contact us and structure the language-training program to your staff safely.

With these exclusive consulting services, Companhia de Idiomas has been helping many companies in their internal training processes, sometimes even reducing the costs that such processes require.


Our team gives lectures on corporate communications; spelling reform of the Portuguese language; myths and beliefs regarding learning; learning styles; personal marketing; engagement; leadership and communication; organizational culture and communication, among others.


We write articles about communication in general, not only in a foreign language.

Examples of articles:

1) Pecados Corporativos (Corporate Sins) for Revista Língua Portuguesa (a Journal) and Revista Melhor Gestão de Pessoas

2) Comunicação Corporativa (Corporate Communication) for Revista Eletrônica Muito Além da Arquitetura (Electronic Journal Muito Além a Arquitetura of the Ricardo Julião office). (Companhia de Idiomas also conducted review of all the other articles in the first issue of the journal.)

To request more information about these services or about Companhia de Idiomas, please contact us by phone